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Returing to Earth

6 Aug

Gore sinks back to Le Monde

I am assuredly not the first person to neglect a blog.  It’s been over a year and a half since I have publicly posted anything here.  I have 37 posts in draft mode awaiting further polishing, but clearly none of them have been a huge priority since many just need less than an hour to be of publishable quality.  There were a few other big projects that came to fill my free time, but they are drawing to a close.  They are not explicitly cooking related, but encompass curiosity and scientific inquiry so I am going to give a quick overview that should be roughly contiguous with the theme of this blog.

The first is greenhouse related.  A series of fortuitous coincidences has prompted me to lead two passive solar greenhouse projects for over the past few years.  One at Lehigh University and a NSF-funded greenhouse at a school in Maryland, all in the name of interactive, tangible solar education.  But it all started because I wanted to grow a few collard greens on my back porch.  The article in Growing Magazine covers the Lehigh project quite well.


The second project, which is kind of way cooler, pertains to human-powered flight.  My power-to-weight ratio happened to fit the needs of a team of engineers in University of Maryland’s Aerospace department.  I joined team Gamera as a pilot in December of 2010, not knowing what to expect from such a kooky sounding project.  Now we’ve set a few world records and are still going.  I can leave knowing I’m the 4th person to ever achieve human-powered vertical lift, and currently have made it higher than any other attempt at a whopping 4 feet off the ground.  The Atlantic wrote us up, so bonus points for that.


Also, somehow, I am hopefully getting a PhD in materials science amidst all of this.  I promise to post more before that happens.


We flew again recently, and I set a new world record for duration, making me the first human to break the 60 second barrier for vertical flight.  More excitingly, I got to 8.6 feet in the air!  Then crashed….

My World Record Flight for Duration (Currently being verified by FAI)

My Height Record and Crash!!!